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January 15, 2012

Day 15 - In Which the Momentum of the Manuscript Gets Away From Me

A funny thing happened this evening - I got so swept up in the writing that I lost track of time and of gauging my progress. When I finally noticed that I had crossed the one-page finish line, I had already written six!

I have the introduction of another character to thank for this boost of momentum. Liz is the no-nonsense sister of the protagonist, Lainie, and has stepped in to help her find a solution to help her out of control son. Though her advice is good and her solution probably the best in the long-run, Lainie is going to have a tough time following it because it will turn her entire family upside down for a while.

The tension is building, the teenage son (remember Mr. Lady Lips?) is getting into more serious trouble as time passes, and the protagonist and her husband are going to have to do something major to remedy it all. This is going to be the "temporary resolve" that all you plotters and planners refer to in your storybuilding outlines.

I'm hoping I can milk this new boost of energy until the story shifts and things start to get spooky. Cross your fingers!

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