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January 16, 2012

Day 16 - Just Showing Up at the Page

Parker Jotters - My favorite pens since I was 8 years old!
There was no love of writing anywhere to be found in me today. Maybe I spent too much of it yesterday, or maybe I was simply too distracted to dig deep enough today to find it. No matter - what counts is that I showed up, pen in hand, and wrote a page and a half anyway. I felt better after I did it, so there was at least something accomplished even if the writing itself sucked.

Whenever my writing hits a lull or I feel uninspired, I turn to the system that seems to work for my kids - bribery. No, really! My mind and creativity are not too evolved for the simple satisfaction of a treat now and then, and I certainly hope you don't feel that yours are, either.

My favorite writing bribe is a new pen. I usually save that as more of a reward, something I'd buy after completing a milestone or a daunting task. It's been nearly two years since I bought my last pen and I think I may be overdue...

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