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January 3, 2012

Note - The Importance of Accountability

As I begin this new year-long project, I've had the privilege to assess all of the things that did and didn't work to help me through last year's journey. Some of the best progress helpers, including setting aside a scheduled time to work each day and sticking to it, were not really surprising. I discovered that other things, however, were far more important that I had guessed at the start of 2011.

One of the best (and probably the most underestimated) helpers that allowed me to clear the hurdle of 365 days of crafting was to set my daily goal very low. It had to seem easy is it was going to get me to the work table, just like the daily goal here of one simple page. I can always go above and beyond, which I often did last year, but if time is tight, if I'm sick and can barely stand to get out of bed, or if I'm just on the edge of burnout and don't even want to think about writing, it's good to know that I only need to complete one easy page.

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The biggest surprise to me was how much my friends and blog followers influenced my progress. There was a very tight group of folks who stuck with me from season to season, and just their presence, even if they weren't reading every day, was enough to keep me moving when I was ready to call it quits. I'm not sure if it was the fact that so many were watching and holding me as an example that stirred something in me, or if perhaps it was the fear of public humiliation (even if it was only inflicted by me) if I failed to complete the year's tasks that carried the most weight. Regardless, holding myself accountable to others put enough fire under me to reach my goal and I will never take that kind of motivation lightly again.

In summary, this post is more of a request than a narrative. I'm hoping that you will become a regular follower of this blog, and even if you only check in every month or two and comment seldom or never, know that just having your face on the list will be helping me to keep writing. Please sign up using the "Friends & Followers" gadget to the right (it's quick and easy, I promise!) and pass the word to a fellow writer or creator who might also like to support this project.

Much gratitude and many thanks, readers!

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