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December 6, 2012

All Fired Up or Just Plain Burnt Out?

I'm so sick of editing that I could scream. Okay, so I do that quite often (one of the benefits of working at home) and it doesn't seem to help much.

Now that the end of this job is in sight, I feel like I just can't get it over with quickly enough. Every page, paragraph, and line is like an uphill push to the finish after some sort of epic ultra-marathon. I'm close to falling flat on my face while the buzzards circle overhead.

Just one more batch of publishing deadlines to meet and I AM DONE. Four more books to edit, that's all. DONE. Finished.

Just. One. More. Batch.

I have so many stories of my own about to boil over in my brain that I'm scrambling to keep the pressure down by writing notes about them, sneaking five minutes here and there to scratch out a few note cards, and reading (things I don't have to edit) whenever I can. There is a period of intense productivity coming, I can feel it, but until then I have to plug along to get these pesky loose ends neatly tied.

Or get picked apart by those buzzards.

Do you ever have to fight to hang on to your creative plans and ideas until you can devote more time and/or concentration to them or do you instead chip away at them in small bits?

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