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March 3, 2015

Five Motivating Blogs For Writers

If you write (for fun, financial gain, or both) then chances are good that sometimes you need a good kick in the ass to get going. When I find myself in a creative lull or even facing a full-blown case of the dreaded Writers' Block, I know that I can read a bit from some of my favorite writing blogs to help recharge my motivation.

The five blogs that I consistently return to are:

1. terribleminds

Author Chuck Wendig is not for the faint of heart. He dishes out stories, advice, and how-to articles like the profanity-spewing, tough-love bestie we all wish we had.

2. Query Shark

Janet Reid is a literary agent who critiques real query letters submitted by blog readers for all to see. Not only can you sharpen your querying skills by combing through the posts, but the excitement of other writers trying to get their work seen in the industry can give you a powerful nudge to get back to work.

3. The Renegade Writer

Linda Formichelli and Diana Burrell blog about the highs and lows of a freelance writing career and offer a bounty of tips for organization, time management, and career management for writers of all types.

4. Writer Unboxed

Created by Therese Walsh and Kathleen Bolton, Writer Unboxed now shares inspiring and educational content from dozens of contributors who are experts in their fields. Every genre imaginable is represented here, and the blog's interviews alone are worth checking often.

5. Writers Write

This collective of South African writers curates a blog brimming with technical tips and advice to help hone your craft. Their continuing series of exercises to keep your creative juices flowing is great for anyone looking for a course-like structure to help stay motivated.

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