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December 31, 2015

What I Read in 2015: The Complete List

 Well, I didn't quite make my goal of 100 books this year, but I still feel like I read some pretty fantastic selections. (Favorites include links below.)

Here's the list:
  1. "Raven Boys" by Maggie Stiefvater
  2. "Brain Camp" by Susan Kim & Laurence Klavan
  3. "How to Grow Up" by Michelle Tea
  4. "Mosquitoland" by David Arnold
  5. "I Think I Am In Friend-Love With You" by Yumi Sakugawa
  6. "F**k It Is the Answer" by John C. Parkin & Gaia Pollini
  7. "Members Only: Secret Societies, Sects, and Cults" by Julie Tibbott
  8. "Get a Literary Agent" by Chuck Sambuchino
  9. "Blogging for Writers" by Robin Houghton
  10. "Olympians: Ares - Bringer of War" by George O'Connor
  11. "Pip Bartlett's Guide to Magical Creatures" by Jackson Pearce and Maggie Stiefvater
  12. "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters- Vol. 1" by Jim Zub
  13. "Midnight in the Garden Good and Evil" by John Berendt
  14. "The Art of Procrastination" by John Perry
  15. "The Fade Out: Vol. 1" by Ed Brubaker
  16. "Oink: Heaven's Butcher" by John Mueller
  17. "The Transformation of Bartholomew Fortuno" by Ellen Bryson
  18. "Roadmap" by Roadtrip Nation
  19. "Odd and the Frost Giants" by Neil Gaiman
  20. "Bullet Gal, Volume 1" by Andrew Bergen
  21. "Get in Trouble" by Kelly Link
  22. "Bad Kid" by David Crabb
  23. "The Fangirl's Guide to the Galaxy" by Sam Maggs
  24. "The Crossroads of Should and Must" by Elle Luna
  25. "Exquisite Corpse" by Pénélope Bagieu
  26. "Trigger Warning" by Neil Gaiman
  27. "Don't Stay Up Late" by R.L. Stine
  28. "Read Bottom Up" by Neel Shah and Skye Chatham
  29. "Wild Heat" by Lucy Monroe
  30. "Motorcycles I've Loved: A Memoir" by Lily Brooks-Dalton
  31. "What Waits in the Woods" by Kieran Scott
  32. "Burning Down George Orwell's House" by Andrew Ervin
  33. "Maritime Richmond" by Dale Totty
  34. "Shadowshaper" by Daniel Jose Older
  35. "The Dream Thieves" by Maggie Stiefvater
  36. "How to Study" by Arthur W. Kornhauser
  37. "Blue Lily, Lily Blue" by Maggie Stiefvater
  38. "Suicide Squad Vol. 1: Pure Insanity" by Sean Ryan
  39. "A Writer's Guide to Persistence" by Jordan Rosenfeld
  40. "The Intuitive Gardener" by Marilyn Raff
  41. "The Fall of Princes" by Robert Goolrick
  42. "Strengths Finder 2.0" by Tom Rath
  43. "Polish Your Poise" by Jennifer L. Scott
  44. "The Curse of Crow Hollow" by Billy Coffey
  45. "Sinclair Justice" by Colleen Shannon
  46. "Bound to the Bachelor" by Kate Hardy
  47. "Black Cat Bone: The Life of Blues Legend Robert Johnson" by J. Patrick Lewis
  48. "10 Rules of Writing" by Elmore Leonard
  49. "Here We Are Now: The Lasting Impact of Kurt Cobain" by Charles R. Cross
  50. "172 Hours on the Moon" by Johan Harstad
  51. "The New and Improved Romie Futch" by Julia Elliott
  52. "Sherlock Holmes and the Necronomicon" by Sylvain Cordurie
  53. "How To Write More Words More Easily" by Terrance Field
  54. "Clutter Antidote" by Caitlin Kauer
  55. "Writers Write" by William Meikle
  56. "The Joy of Less" by Cary Richards
  57. "Reader Magnets" by Nick Stephenson
  58. "Unclutter Your Life In One Week" by Erin Rooney Doland
  59. "Living With Less" by Francine Jay
  60. "Night Film" by Marisha Pessl
  61. "It's All Too Much" by Peter Walsh
  62. "Shift Your Habit" by Elizabeth Rogers
  63. "How to be Alive" by Colin Beavan
  64. "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert
  65. "The Witches of Benevento: Mischief Season" by John Bemelmans Marciano and Sophie Blackall
  66. "Catcher in the Rye" by J.D. Salinger
My absolute favorite from 2015 would have to be Night Film by Marisha Pessl. It worked itself so completely into my subconscious that I would wake up in the middle of the night with flashes of characters and theories about the plot swimming through my mind. I don't think I've ever encountered a book so worthy of the label "engrossing" before this one.

A favorite that comes in a close second to Night Film is something completely different: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. Hands-down the best book on overcoming hesitations, hang-ups, and blocks in creativity that's been published since Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird.

How did you do with your reading goals in 2015? What were your favorite books of the year and what made them stand out above the rest?

I'll be pushing for 100 again next year! Join me!

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